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We develop the Next Generation RaceRunner
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Wiktor Hanssen

Testing & Marketing
Wiktor is a senior RaceRunner with experience from several international competitions. In 2018, Wiktor won two gold, three silver and one bronze running on the new design of the WISP Lightning.
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Sven Hanssen

Research & Development
Sven has a Master of Science in Applied Mechanics. He has 25 years of experience of development of different products within the industry.
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Pernilla Hanssen

CEO, Marketing, Projects & Sourcing
Pernilla has a Master of Science in Ergonomical Product Design. She has 25 years of experience from Design, Project, Production and Managment.
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Isak Hanssen

Media & our Company Photographer
Loves playing games together with friends and great in taking photos and making videos.

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